Thank you for trusting 2 Fellas & a Big Vehicle Moving Company to do your move.

We would like to go over a few things to help make your move more efficient and also a few of our policies.  Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have.

1. Please have all of your appliances disconnected and ready for transport.  A 2 Fellas mover will gladly help you move them so you can reach the water connections.   If you own a front-loading washing machine and/or dryer, please refer to  your owner’s manual on how to prepare these prior to moving them.  This is especially important if you plan on  storing them for a prolonged period of time.   2 Fellas & a Big Vehicle cannot disconnect or reconnect the water on any appliances due to insurance

2. Please have all fragile and breakable items properly packed.
Glass, marble, lamps and electronics and TVS are all examples of items that can damage easily if not
properly taken care of.  Please box any of these items you are planning on having 2 Fellas move.  If  you are unsure if   an item needs to be packed or if you would like directions on how to pack a breakable item, please call our office and any of our move consultants will be happy to assist you.   And remember, 2 Fellas can always pack it for you.

3. Loose, unpacked items present a challenge when safely loading a truck.  It makes it difficult for your movers to efficiently stack items and maximize available space on the truck, causes the job to take more time, and it also increases the likelihood that an item will be damaged in transit.  ‘”For this reason, we do not allow any loose, unpacked items on the truck. (This includes bags of clothing). We have a variety of boxes available on our trucks in the event that there are loose items that you request/require us to move.  There will be additional charges that occur if this is needed.

4. Please understand that under no circumstances will we allow mattresses and/or box springs on our truck unless they are enclosed in mattress bags.  This policy is in place to ensure that your mattress/box springs are protected from damage and also to help prevent dust, pollen, and dirt from getting into the mattress fabric during the move.  We do not ever move any items that are visibly infested with bugs, but our use of mattress bags on every job will further ensure that your items are safe from contamination.  We have a variety of   sizes of mattress bags available for purchase if you do not want to go and get them elsewhere.

5. We will gladly remove your items from your attic, but we do have a few exceptions.  When the temperature outside exceeds 100 degrees, we deem it unsafe for our movers to go up there.  If you do not have a finished floor and items are straddling the beams in your attic, we will not be able to remove these items.  There is a risk of falling through the ceiling.

6. While moving in inclement weather is never ideal, we will do our best to keep your property safe.  We cannot always guarantee it will stay dry in rainy weather.     We recommend you protect your floors from the elements by covering them with floor protection you can purchase at most home improvement stores.  In the event of ice or snow, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to make all walkways and driveway safe and passable before the movers arrive.   This is for the safety of your property and that of our movers.

7. Please make sure you plan on transporting your paints, gasoline, bleach and all other corrosive or flammable liquids on your own.  This ensures that nothing spills on your belongings.

8. Federal law prohibits the transport of firearms in your gun safe.  Please have these removed and plan on transporting them on your own.  We will
not knowingly transport firearms or ammunition in boxes packed by the
customer.  We will not be responsible for transporting firearms at all.

9. You are responsible to have someone with the movers at all times.  It is your responsibility to do a walk-through of your home to make sure nothing gets left behind.    It is also a good idea to make
sure everything is removed from the truck at your new home.  If you cannot be there, designate a friend or relative to be in charge.

10. 2 Fellas recommend you move all valuable items on your own.  Please do not place these items inside drawers as they may fall out and get lost.   Things shift when we tip furniture to get it in and out of a doorway. Do not place valuable items in boxes unless you intend to move these boxes on your own.

11. We want you to have a pleasant and successful moving experience with 2 Fellas & a Big
Vehicle.  If you have any questions about the above items, please call us.  WE ARE HERE TO HELP.

12. We accept CASH CHECKS AND ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS. We do not accept checks when you are moving into storage, we are loading your rental truck or if you are moving out of town.

13. If for some reason you cannot keep your move date, we require a 48 notice to refund your deposit.  Failure to give a 48 hour notice will result in forfeiting your deposit.

14. If you cancel within 48 hours, we will issue a refund of your deposit, minus $10 for processing fees.

15. The balance in full for your move is due when the move is complete before the movers leave. If you are not available or are unable to make your payment you have 24 hours to contact our office to make arrangements for payment. After 24 hours, the payment method used for the deposit at the time of booking will be used to process the final payment if no other arrangements have been made.